The issue of club décor has been an executive agenda item for quite so time.

Survey suggestions from both members and guests have indicated that a “refreshing” and a “brightening” of the club room along with a possible reduction in the war murals may be a positive change for the club.

The Executive has decided to address this matter with a phased approach. The initial phase will see some minor painting upgrades and colour changes, the addition of more chair rails and a small reduction in the size of the murals.

We initially asked members to choose from the following options:

OPTION 1 – Leave As Is

OPTION 2 – Clean Up­ – remove parts of the murals below the “chair rail” and parts of the murals that might be considered excessively dark and/or unnecessary, and paint as indicated.

OPTION 3 – Memorial Wall – remove all wall murals (except poppy wall) and have one “Memorial Wall” at the back of the stage. The content for this “memorial wall” has not been determined, suggests would be appreciated. Option 3 attached gives a couple of examples as what it could look like.

OPTION 4 – Remove All Military Murals – leave poppy wall and apply a fresh coat of paint.

The 3 examples for option 3 are pictured below.
Memorial Wall Example #1
Memorial Wall Idea #2
Memorial Wall Idea #3 (Colour Version of #2)

Wanted to thank you for your input related to club decor. We received response from 37 members.

The majority of respondents chose Option 3- creation of a new memorial wall. There was also significant support for Option 4- removing all the murals (with the exception of the poppy wall).

Some interesting feedback to consider:

  • There was no indication that we should ignore our military veteran heritage.
  • There were some very strong arguments for keeping the murals
  • Some members suggested a different location for a memorial wall then the example given (on the stage)

Based on the input we have received so far, the Executive has decided to take the following approach:

  • Phased 1: Implement option 2 immediately which would be to tidy & brighten, and seek proposals for the memorial wall. (Already underway)
  • Phase 2: Creation of a “Memorial Wall” (option 3) based on submissions from members.

If you have an idea or proposal please let us know. Mark McAlpine had put together 3 samples of what the “memorial wall” could look like – part of the original circulation (see above).

Have your say!

We will be holding a Member’s meeting on Sunday, August 18th, 2019 (time TBA) to discuss the issue of Club decor, as well as management restructuring. We want to hear your thoughts! Members are also invited to bring photos or other submissions.

If you would like to submit an idea, photo, or have an questions regarding Phase 2, please email us by clicking HERE.