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Posted December 13, 2016 by

Looking to book a party, fundraiser, live show or other event?  We are here for you. Located on the edge of Downtown Guelph with plenty of parking for you and your guests, the ANAF Club 344 is the perfect spot for your event. Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings (8pm onwards) are available to book by […]

Posted October 19, 2016 by

It’s time again for Club 344 Members to elect the Club Executive. Voting day is Sunday, November 27. The club will be open at 1pm with bar service, and business will begin at 2pm prompt. We ask that all ANAF 344 members be aware that prior to the elections there will also be a vote […]

Posted November 2, 2014 by

Remembrance Day is fast approaching, so below is a list of scheduled events taking place on November 11, to allow you to plan your day. As is usual, there will be multiple services throughout the city taking place before the main Remembrance Day Service at the Guelph Sleeman Centre, and then an opportunity to get […]

Posted October 24, 2014 by

It’s time again for Club 344 Members to elect the Club Executive. Voting day is Sunday, November 16. The club will be open at 1pm with bar service, and elections will begin at 2pm prompt. This is a members only event, all non-members present at the club at the time of elections will be required […]

Posted October 14, 2014 by

October and November promise to be eventful months, with lots of things happening at the club that will interest Members and the public alike. The wonderful folk at Golden Throats Karaoke have their usual fantastic karaoke events occurring in this month including Friday October 17, but we’re excited to have the ANAF karaoke night fall […]

Posted August 12, 2014 by

Just a reminder to dart players that both the Men’s and Woman’s ANAF Dart Leagues will begin their season of play mid September. Players of all skill levels are welcome to come out and have some fun on a Monday or Tuesday night! Men’s Darts (both men and women welcome) will begin this September 15. […]

Posted July 19, 2014 by

Last evening the ANAF played host to Guelph’s newest Brewery, Royal City Brewing Co. with our very own Beer Tasting event. Brewery owner, Russ Bateman, came down to the club with four of their most popular beers: Dry Hopped Pale Ale, Smoked Honey, Gordon Hill Hefe Weizen, as well as their Morning Stout. Club members […]

Posted June 27, 2014 by

Dear ANAF members and Supporters, We are extremely happy to announce that the ANAF Club 344 website is up and running, and thanks for taking the time to visit and explore. This will be your place to get updates on Club activities, membership information, access our calendar of events and much more. As you take […]

Posted June 9, 2014 by

Welcome to the ANAF Club 344’s newly launched website! Here you’ll find information on the Guelph branch of the ANAF, membership information and details about the ANAVETS organization itself, as well as listings for all of the exciting events taking place at the club for both members and the public. Did you know you do not […]