Welcome to the ANAF Club 344’s newly launched website! Here you’ll find information on the Guelph branch of the ANAF, membership information and details about the ANAVETS organization itself, as well as listings for all of the exciting events taking place at the club for both members and the public.

Did you know you do not have to be a veteran to be a member of the ANAF? We want YOU to join, and it’s never been easier.  You can now purchase your membership online. Simply email ANAFClub344@gmail.com to purchase by PayPal.

Being a member of the ANAF Club 344 has many benefits:
First off, you are part of the oldest veterans organization in Canada, with units across the country and into the United States. ANAF membership means you are also welcome in US Legion Posts and British Legion branches, so pretty much anywhere you choose to travel there’s a place where you will be welcomed.

ANAF Club 344 offers a friendly, welcoming space to see a band, have a pint, play some darts and spend time with friends. Not only that, but as an ANAF member, you are directly helping the Guelph community through donations and support to local youth activities, sports teams as well as assisting Canadian veterans and their families.

Membership to ANAF Club 344 allows you access, free of charge to a huge number of musical and community events hosted at the Club on a weekly basis, as well as member focused special events, sports leagues and more. Receive each issue of Shoulder to Shoulder, the Army Navy and Air Force magazine to learn about Canada’s military history, heritage and activities, current events in veteran affairs and defense policy, as well as what’s happening at other branches.

Interested? Pop by the club and fill out a membership in person, or email ANAFClub344@gmail.com to use PAYPAL. Cheers!