Last evening the ANAF played host to Guelph’s newest Brewery, Royal City Brewing Co. with our very own Beer Tasting event. Brewery owner, Russ Bateman, came down to the club with four of their most popular beers: Dry Hopped Pale Ale, Smoked Honey, Gordon Hill Hefe Weizen, as well as their Morning Stout.


Club members mingled with beer loving Guelph locals, tasting beers and pairing with a wide variety of cheeses, dips, crackers and other foods, specially picked to complement the distinctive flavours of beers being featured. Russ and Sarah worked hard throughout the entire event, keeping glasses filled and explaining the particular tasting notes of each beer.


Needless to say, the tasting event was a huge hit, and ANAF 344 is extremely lucky to be one of a select few locations in Guelph that will have Royal City beers on tap on a permanent basis! So don’t despair, if you missed the beer tasting night, all four beers will be on rotation at the club, with the possibility of other distinctive brews from Royal City being added into the mix on occasion!

A huge shout out to Al and Dayna for all their hard work in making the event such a success, and to members who prepared food to share at the event.


But of course, the evening didn’t end there. Every other Friday night at the ANAF is Karaoke night, a hugely popular and fun filled evening of crooning hosted by those wizards from Golden Throats Karaoke. Billing the night as the Royal City Brew Ha Ha, karaoke fans had a chance to taste all the beers Royal City had on offer, and before the evening was done three of the four beers were sold out completely with the forth keg nearly drained by the time the lights came up for last call. All four beers were immensely popular, with the Smoked Honey taking the crown as most requested and first to sell out. The Gordon Hill Hefe Weizen was a close second.

Both events were extremely well attended, with a number of folks coming into the ANAF for their very first time. We had a great evening, and are look forward to similar nights in the future. Thanks to everyone who came out, tried a beer, sang a song and had a blast!


And for those who are interested, we’ve included below the Tasting Notes on each of the Royal City beers featured at the Club last night. Enjoy!


Royal City Tasting Guide

royalcb1Dry Hopped Pale Ale: A hybrid of English and American styles, our Pale ale combines the malty sweetness of its English side, with the hop presence of its American side. It is a great entry point beer for non-craft drinkers, and a refreshing balanced pint for lovers of small batch brewing. With lower carbonation this unfiltered beer is designed to mimic a cask ale and is best served on the warmer side of cold. Light flowers and citrus in the nose will lead to a bread and caramel taste that quickly yields to a present yet non overpowering crisp bitterness. 5.2% ABV, 35 IBU




royalcb2Smoked Honey: Truly a beer in a class of its own. A dark brown ale that drinks remarkably lighter than it looks. Light smoke and sugar notes in the nose are met by a subtle yet clear smoke taste similar to ribs on the BBQ that heralds a medium bodied brown ale. Chocolate, and orchard fruit follow and disappear into a tart, crisp dry finish. The honey in this brew has been completely fermented out leaving behind a cloying tart taste that coats the mouth. As the pint disappears the smokebuilds, as it adheres to the honey coating the mouth. 5.5% ABV, 25 IBU




royalcb4Morning Stout: Morning Stout is a vibrant, light, and fresh renewal of this traditional style. Coming in at 4% ABV this coffee oatmeal stout is far less complicated and much lighter tasting than its traditional namesake. Locally roasted Grizzly Bear Coffee dominates the nose and the first taste of this dark beer. It then moves into a light roasty feel with dark chocolate and anise notes and is helped down by the silken smoothness that the oats donate. This beer finishes fairly quickly leaving little aftertaste. A quick fresh pick me up in the morning or a great pint for hair of the dog duties. 4.0% ABV 20 IBU

royalcb3Gordon Hill Hefe Weizen: Prost! Our summer seasonal is a true Bavarian Style wheat beer. Hefe Weizen translates loosely to yeasty wheat, and this pint does not disappoint. A vibrant light orange colour, cloudy in appearance and with a thick, creamy head this pint is brewed to letter of the classic German style. The nose is met with a strong aroma of bananas and minor notes of citrus fruit. To the palate this beer is light, fresh and effervescent with light banana notes that lead rather quickly into a clove driven spice finish. Little to no hop bitterness lets the yeast flavours do the driving. Brewed with wheat this beer has a light refreshing taste, but a present body thanks to the suspended yeast. A perfect pint for the patio or the Biergarten, get it while the summer lasts.  5.0% ABV 10 IBU