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FAQ for Hosting a Music Show or Throwing a Party at the ANAF

If you are interested in booking the space: 1. please contact us by email ANAFevents@gmail.com to confirm the date, 2. You will receive our Hall Usage Form to fill out and return, which will complete the hold on the date in question.

1. What is the ANAF anyway?

The Army Navy and Air Force (ANAF) Veteran’s Club is an organization dedicated to helping Canadian Veterans and their families, as well as supporting the community at large. Besides donating to a variety of charitable organizations,  ANAF Club 344 has opened the Club’s doors to the public and offers it’s space for the nominal charge of $45 to be used for stag and does, birthday parties, special events and for bands to host their own music shows.

1a. How much does it cost to book your space?

We offer the space (minus kitchen access) to the community to use for events for $25/Hr (includes HST).  Please contact us first (ANAFevents@gmail.com) to book your evening. We’re happy to offer the space to the public to use, all we ask is that you respect the space and equipment, tidy up afterwards, and enjoy yourself.  If you require use of the kitchen space for food prep/storage etc, there is a small additional fee.

2. Hey,  I’m in a band and we want to play a show at your venue. What now?

The ANAF does not run musical events or promote shows, so if you want to play at our venue it’s up to you to set up, organize and advertise your event.  Basically we are a providing the community a performance space, and the success of your event will depend your promoting/advertising it.  If that works for you, let us know the date you’d like, and we can go from there.  

The ANAF Club 344 is neither an event promoter or event organizer. It is the responsibility of any musical act or individuals performing within the ANAF’s space to ensure they are operating in compliance with SOCAN’s performance licensing requirements, if and when applicable.

3. What’s your deal with no hats?

The ANAF Club 344 is an active Veteran’s club and like all legion halls, a NO HATS policy is in effect. Removing headwear is a way to show respect to our veterans and the fallen. We ask that as visitors to our space the NO HAT rule is respected and enforced.  If you see someone wearing a hat at your event, kindly ask them to take it off. Religious headgear (turbans, taqiyah, etc) are exempt from this rule.

4. Can music shows be all ages or split licensed?

Sorry, no. If you’re throwing a show at the Club the event must be 19+

5. Can I charge a cover at the door?

Yes. You are free to sell tickets or run a door cover for your event, and keep it all.  Please be aware that ANAF Members may still make use of the Club during your event, and they do not pay cover.

6. I’d like to bring in outside food/catering/set up a buffet. Can I?

Absolutely. There is no restrictions with bringing in meals, setting up for catering or providing snacks etc for your guests if you choose. However, all drinks are provided by the bar, including pop and juice. Please note there is an additional fee if you require access to the kitchen . We ask that if you use any of the ANAF’s kitchen equipment, utensils, plates etc. to make sure they are cleaned and put away by the end of your event.

7. What about providing our own drinks or alcohol?

All drinks and alcohol must be purchased from the bar, and outside drinks are not allowed into the Club. You’ll find our drink menu is extensive, with both popular and craft brands of beers available as well as ciders and a great selection of  hard liquors, all at Veteran prices. We’re pleased to have some of the best drink prices in the downtown area here at the ANAF.

8. Do you have a sound system for us to use?

Yes, you can use our sound system. We have an Audiopro Series AP812 Mixer/Amp – 800w, 12 inputs, with 2 Yamaha S115iv 15 inch PA speakers. We do NOT provide mics, stands, cables or monitors. You will need to provide your own sound person capable of running the mixer.

9. Ok, so I’ve booked the date for my event, what do I need to know about running a show at the ANAF?

The capacity of the ANAF space is 101 people (Please be aware, if you’re planning a sit-down event with full tables and chairs, capacity will be decreased).

On the day of your event you can load in equipment etc. Anytime after 3pm. Sound checks can occur anytime after 7pm 

We ask that all music shows on Friday nights do not do sound check before 7pm due to the club’s use by members on Fridays.

Tables and seats can be arranged to your liking, we just ask that everything is returned to how you found it. Any messes need to be cleaned up at the end of the night, and the ANAF’s sound system disconnected and placed back on the stage (if used for your event).

10. I have a poster made up for our event. Can we put it up at the ANAF?

Absolutely! We display upcoming event posters in the club, and if you send us a .jpg of the poster we can put it up on our internal announcement monitor to help advertise your show. We also have a Facebook page (www.facebook.com/ANAFClub344) so send us links to any online event pages you’ve made, we’re happy to post them.

11. Do you have an ATM? Interac or Credit at the bar?

The ANAF is primarily cash, but we are happy to say we do now have a Debit system at the bar.